Monday, June 29, 2009

The Heidelberg Project Performance!

On Tuesday, after our second successful day of teaching, we headed straight to the Heidelberg Project.

Following a tour of the neighborhood, which is itself a piece of art, we prepared ourselves for our first performance!
It was sensational!

Performing in such a welcoming and open community was wonderful, not to mention the ability to create and share art in the midst of more art!

The creator of the Heidelberg Project (Tyree Guyton) was present as well as Jessica Williams (the head of the Young Association of Heidelberg), and a large diverse audience.

One resonating idea, that has stuck with me is Tyree's message
and goal: Unity, and the idea that all of humanity is connected..... We are doing what we can to help, and bring opportunity to all.

P.s. don't worry, we'll get a dot on Juilliard! : )

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