Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A sharing

The program has come to a conclusion for the summer and while we are eagerly working to set up more frequent workshops, the idea of sharing does not leave my mind.

Detroit has many problems, yes, and the work we do, being not quantifiable, is difficult if not impossible to measure. Yet, the amount of growth I experienced is amazing! Not only in the youth but in myself and teammates as well.

The opening up and willingness to share was heartwarming and inspiring on both ends. As a group we were accepted by the youth as we shared our tools and were rewarded with their creativity, thoughts and remarkable talents!
I was blown away by every person's agreement and bravery to stand up and share in front of the group.

It was an added treat to have many of our young Holy Cross students perform with us at our final performance as well :)


Now a few days post-project, the gifts I've gained are starting to sink in and as I unpack and organize I want to share something I found in one of our boxes.

This is from one of our written response periods. The topic was "What do I want to share with the world?" A rough draft, these first thoughts turned into a poem:

Beauty and inspiration

Joy and passion

My life, my love, my abilities.

Openness and perspective.

I want to bring what I have and do with it what I can.

Why hold on?

To share is true living.

Make real connections

Make beautiful connections

Give and get

Always learn


and Play

Live in the present and see with fresh eyes.

Always living, always alive.

Thank you for a great project and program!!