Monday, June 29, 2009

The Heidelberg Project Performance!

On Tuesday, after our second successful day of teaching, we headed straight to the Heidelberg Project.

Following a tour of the neighborhood, which is itself a piece of art, we prepared ourselves for our first performance!
It was sensational!

Performing in such a welcoming and open community was wonderful, not to mention the ability to create and share art in the midst of more art!

The creator of the Heidelberg Project (Tyree Guyton) was present as well as Jessica Williams (the head of the Young Association of Heidelberg), and a large diverse audience.

One resonating idea, that has stuck with me is Tyree's message
and goal: Unity, and the idea that all of humanity is connected..... We are doing what we can to help, and bring opportunity to all.

P.s. don't worry, we'll get a dot on Juilliard! : )

Teaching Day 1

As our work began at 10a.m. with a group of teenage females, we were encouraged. After introducing ourselves, getting to know each other and engaging the group with games such as "shabooyah", "ba" and "zip-zap-zop", we shared our favorite places in Detroit and their positive characteristics.

At the end of two hours, the smaller groups had created and shared: a short scene that led into a dance created by the students and multiple poems created through various techniques that explored emotions, positive thinking and favorite places!

And that was just the females.....

I must admit, after our lunch break, we were hopeful but still bracing ourselves for a bit of a tougher time with the male youth.

I am happy to say, we could not have been more wrong!

Following an honest discussion with the group about who we are and what art is. The minds of the young men were contemplating their favorite artists and ways in which they would like to share/explore art.

Our games were a hit and they were eager to express their favorite places in Detroit to us.
As a group we worked on the African tradition called "ashay", where we all create a unique sound and build all of the sounds together as we unite and play off of one another.

After class, two students spoke to us about their interest in Edgar Allen Poe and writing rhymes or scenes....

we took it as inspiration for the next day!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Welcome Day and Planning

The whole group is here and ready to go!

Today was full of Detroit, sunshine, good food and great discussion.

Following our "tour" of Detroit, we spent time planning/brainstorming/analyzing our arts and our mission. Sitting by the water of Lake St. Clair spurred imaginative, deep thought and beautiful goals for this week.

After a wonderful home-cooked meal (yea us!) and final touch ups to the plan, I can only say I am wholeheartedly confident and blessed to be working with such wonderful artists, or more importantly people.

This is sure to be a week to remember...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A success!

Thanks to everyone who supported us at the car wash! It was a wonderful success!

Also, many many many thanks to the beautiful women who participated by washing the cars!

It was a day full of hard-work, sunshine and laughs. You are all magnificent!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

CAR WASH Fundraiser!!

Help support our program by having your car washed for a donation! We need your help! As of right now, our funds are not complete, so we need to raise money in order to make this program a success!

SUNDAY JUNE 14, 2009

19733 Mack Ave. (Flagstar Bank next to Starbucks)
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

Donation Letter

Dear Potential Patron, 

Detroit, once a center for music and the arts, is now struggling economically, culturally, and emotionally.  With recent economic and political events greatly impacting life in Detroit, help is needed now more than ever.

              As a group of artists from the Juilliard School, we will act to share our tools with the citizens of Detroit.  While there, our group will run an arts immersion program for “abuse/neglect” youths at Holy Cross Children’s Services and perform at various locations throughout the city.  We will engage the community in a revitalizing arts program while inspiring and empowering the creative spirit.  We hope to make a difference that will be a catalyst for growth.

The program will begin on June 20th and run for one week.  Our group aims to raise $3500 for airfare, food, and ground transportation.  With your help this enriching program can occur.  Your donation, regardless of monetary size, would be greatly appreciated.  Your support will help us illustrate the power of the arts as a universal tool for initiating change, and offer hope for a brighter future for Detroit.

We thank you for your support and patronage to the arts and the city of Detroit!

With warm regards,

Breanna O'Mara

Juilliard School

Check may be made payable and sent to:

Breanna O’Mara

60 Lincoln Center Plaza

The Juilliard School, Box 322

New York, NY   10023