Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Donation Letter

Dear Potential Patron, 

Detroit, once a center for music and the arts, is now struggling economically, culturally, and emotionally.  With recent economic and political events greatly impacting life in Detroit, help is needed now more than ever.

              As a group of artists from the Juilliard School, we will act to share our tools with the citizens of Detroit.  While there, our group will run an arts immersion program for “abuse/neglect” youths at Holy Cross Children’s Services and perform at various locations throughout the city.  We will engage the community in a revitalizing arts program while inspiring and empowering the creative spirit.  We hope to make a difference that will be a catalyst for growth.

The program will begin on June 20th and run for one week.  Our group aims to raise $3500 for airfare, food, and ground transportation.  With your help this enriching program can occur.  Your donation, regardless of monetary size, would be greatly appreciated.  Your support will help us illustrate the power of the arts as a universal tool for initiating change, and offer hope for a brighter future for Detroit.

We thank you for your support and patronage to the arts and the city of Detroit!

With warm regards,

Breanna O'Mara

Juilliard School

Check may be made payable and sent to:

Breanna O’Mara

60 Lincoln Center Plaza

The Juilliard School, Box 322

New York, NY   10023


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