Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First day, Great day

Gathering today, for our first team meeting/orientation far exceeded any expectations I could have had!

At once, it was as though we had all been friends for years!
Bringing together students/young artists from around the country, it was exciting to discuss the importance of our arts and what we want to work to accomplish.
It is a varied group, in discipline and background, but in spirit we were very much on the same page!
How wonderful to be in a room with eight (soon to be ten) exuberant, passionate, dedicated, talented and smart young artists who want to make a change in the world not just live in it "as is".

After spending time playing various "name games" and discussing what drew us all to the program, we were able to compile a list of words and phrases of what we want to accomplish (specifically for the workshop portion).
What follows is a first draft of our personal mission statement. A phrase we can keep with us and return to throughout the week.

"By establishing respect and open communication with exposure to the arts, we hope to encourage positive change in order to celebrate with love, each person's unique greatness."

Here's to a great start!

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