Monday, April 11, 2011

Our Mission

Detroit Arts Immersion will provide a weeklong performing arts workshop to abuse/neglect, long-term foster and paroled youth in Detroit. Through a partnership with Young Association of Heidelberg (YAH), training and teaching experience will also be provided to Wayne State University students in order to create longevity for arts programming in Detroit. As a group of young artists, we will work to share our tools in order to provide classes promoting ensemble work, creativity, self-expression, esteem and pride. Using our disciplines of dance, drama and music, we will offer multiple avenues for expression and learning while enforcing team/ensemble work through collaborative, inter-disciplinary teaching.

Additionally, we will present free inter-disciplinary performances throughout Detroit. As performers we will work to relate to our audiences and empower them in the hope of sparking an initiation for change and growth in their communities. By performing pieces that are inspired by, or remind us of Detroit, we aim to support the spirit of art and community in our audiences.

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